New Entity AI

Draft 1.0:

Image: (Theme Image, Ancient Relics 2014) develops and markets novel Artificial Intelligence solutions for New Entity Operations Inc.

This website presents a mega-construct environment for the future of local-first AI use. Utilizing EntityScriptâ„¢ and a novel environment called MAINTAINME, NewEntity.aiâ„¢ has produced general ways to interact with foundation models for both basic and complex generative AI tasks in a local-first way. The environment presented here also continues on in the traditions of other portable operating system standards by offering a standardized and compliant shell API for any automated system operation. Each operation can enhance any generic general purpose computing task, making them safer to run, more descriptive, or according to a custom operation pattern.

Everything here is portable and will work on almost any modern machine that runs a shell. Although it was designed for a standard C shell, it can also run in Bash or other modern environments.

New Entity AI™ provides:

[X] A generic access control system framework for any computer adhering to the portable operating system standard

[X] Protective wrappers to rely on while performing general purpose development operations

[X] All major development operations tasks are covered within enhancements, including verbose operations helpers, log generation, access control, security hardening, process isolation, and more

[X] Automation-ready network routines

[X] A novel solution to keeping a systems integrity in place before any runtime is executed

[X] Enforced user and group ownership routines that provided for a hardened security structure for the entire system

[X] A isolated environment runtime that allows for any server to immediately become hardened with additional security applications for new linked-processes

[X] Safer development operations achieved through simulated VM portal that won't have access to the rest of your machine

[X] Various read-only options for running within a read-only operating system

[X] A user framework for general purpose computing that allows for media storage and access, programming, and operating/utilizing open AI models of any type

[X] Everything presented is portable. The design of New Entity AI™ will work within any system that has a generic shell environment, dating back to the 1980's.

[X] And more!

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Link to Package: Download a New Entity AI: Coming in 2024

License: Preview Build - All Rights Reserved

Date of Publication: 2023/12/31

Copyright Holder: New Entity Operations Inc.

Primary Author: Ryan McKenna

Technologies: shell

Backend Extension Languages: Python, PHP, Ruby, Bash, XML, EntityScript

Use with

Any portable operating system